My name is Melva, I live in Lund/Sweden. I love lolita fashion,visual kei, Sanrio and vampire! My favorite brand is Angelic Pretty and Mary Magdalene. My favorite band is the GazettE, R shitei, Mejibray and Acid Black Cherry. The most important thing is I LOVE CUTE GIRLS. ❤
・. .・━━━━━ † ━━━━━━━━━━━━・・. Melva ・.†
✟ サ バ ト ✟
You have instagram? Like u r so kawaii~ i want to follow u !!

ohhh….thank you 

My Instagram: yannmmm    ^////^

hi im the girl with the black wig and the red glasses on the train yesterday! i saw a photo of you from närcon with a link to your blog and i recognised you haha. it was really nice meeting you!


What’s your name again?

Can you give me the link of that photo too?

I am quite interesting on it ^^

And,the most important: it was really nice to meeting you too!! Cute girl <3

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